Hourly sessions to mediate and draft agreements for successfully matched couples, where appropriate.

  • Leora offers her legal experience, along with her training in Divorce Mediation to couples who wish to protect their assets before moving forward towards marriage.
  • Couples are encouraged to retain separate counsel to review any mediated agreements resulting from their work with Leora.
  • Leora believes that entering into a pre-nuptial agreement is a pragmatic and sensible step for certain couples, which in no way minimizes the love, trust and commitment a couple share.
I have been a client for a few months and have found Leora to be extremely supportive and helpful. She listened carefully to me and has introduced me to a wonderful man who shares my values and enjoys many of the same things that I enjoy. I had previous experience with an online dating coach and matchmaker who did fulfill her contractual obligation but never provided the follow through and support I have had from Leora.
This is truly a different experience and I highly recommend Leora to anyone (especially baby boomers) who prefers a personal approach to re-enter the dating scene rather than the high tech world of online dating.

-Janice, 64, semi-retired healthcare professional

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