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Personal Introduction - Relationship Service

An Exclusive Matchmaking Service
for Successful Singles

Quality personal introductions - plus expert relationship advice

An individualized service for singles seeking long-term relationships

It’s personal!  You have an on-going relationship with Leora herself, not an assistant, a form or computer screen. You get to know Leora and Leora gets to know you.  …

Leora’s expertise and unique pool of quality singles   Benefit from her many years’ experience matching compatible people and then discussing the results with them.  There are over 500 current members, numerous past members, plus the many interesting new people she constantly meets.

Unique feedback - and advice!  Ever wonder what turned them off after the first date? Why the kiss didn’t work? Why that uncomfortable silence creeped in?  In a sensitive way that respects confidences, Leora combines feedback she gets from your dates to give you enormously valuable feedback and advice, while protecting the privacy of those who share the  feedback with her.     


How it works: For 12 months over a two year period, you will be matched with potentially compatible partners – in a safe, comfortable, confidential manner.  Your relationship with Leora begins with a personal interview – discussing who you are and what you want and need in a mate.  Leora will personally arrange private meetings between you and people she selects for you -  who share similar interests, beliefs and goals.  After every introduction you talk about your experience, get feedback, and discuss whether to spend more time with that person. 

NOT automated match-ups by computer.  Leora has given thousands of introductions and advised clients on all aspects of finding and developing relationships. After phoning and meeting a new person you can discuss your experience and ask Leora questions to learn how others perceive you and how to understand other peoples’ signals better.

Choose your months. You receive these services during any 12 months over a two year period.  And you can choose from three levels of service to fit your needs and budget.

You have a relationship with Leora:  You do not get just a specified number of dates. You have an on-going relationship with Leora throughout the entire process, which hopefully leads ultimately to focusing on one successful match.  Leora is solely responsible for recommending matches and giving feedback. While LHA employs consultants and networkers, you deal only with Leora.

Philosophy:  LHA's members are fully capable of achieving dates on their own; they come to LHA out of a desire to find a compatible, long-term partner, which is a more complicated, time consuming and thought-provoking process than just finding dates. To facilitate this, Leora employs the traditional methods of old-fashioned matchmaking, adapting them to the realities of life for busy, successful professionals.

Feedback:  How do others perceive you?  Do you communicate the real you?  Do your impressions of your interactions differ greatly from the other person’s?  For 12 months, you will have a relationship coach, someone who knows you, has worked with you, and is an expert on dating and introductions.  You can talk freely, ask questions, perhaps get insights into habits and patterns you weren’t aware of.

Fees: entitle you to all these services for one year, rather than just a quota of dates.


Chemistry is something that can only be assessed face-to-face, rather than through photos, video, or e-mail.  Leora believes strongly that a trusting, ongoing relationship with a knowledgeable advisor is by far the most effective way to find a compatible mate.  Alternative approaches such as video or on-line dating services are not as effective at capturing the unique essence of each individual and the particular repertoire of traits that makes them appealing to the right person - and leads to a meaningful, long-term relationship.

Call:  for a confidential consultation


There is simply no substitute for the personal touch


Leora Hoffman Associates

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