The Effect of Politics on Dating

Explore the recent trend of politics influencing, often even derailing people’s dating prospects, a phenomenon which is unprecedented in my practice. In thirty years of matching clients, politics used to be one of many factors to consider when introducing clients. In today’s climate, however, it has risen to the level of ‘deal-breaker’ in many situations.

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Time Gone By

Confident mature man

I’ve never understood how someone can say they want one thing and do the exact opposite. The relationship therapists I’ve conferred with explain this as “commitment phobia.” This makes sense to me, since there doesn’t seem to be any other rational explanation for this behavior.

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Getting Ready for Love

Love by Leora - exclusive matchmaking for Baby Boomers/Seniors in the Baltimore / DC Metro area

The first thing I recommend is letting go of past patterns toward a more fluid notion of a potential mate. Many clients come to this process asking to meet people who are similar to past partners, despite the fact that those relationships ultimately failed.

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