Work with Leora to accelerate your search for love!
Your personal quest for a partner becomes Leora's quest. She provides extraordinarily personalized matchmaking, with confidential assessments, in-depth feedback and on-going advocacy. Her referrals are not based on a quota, but rather her philosophy of “quality over quantity.” Choose from several different premium packages.

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Want to be a potential match for one of our clients?
Leora is always looking for quality singles to be matched with her clients. You'll also go through a vetting process, learn about how Leora's process works, and agree to follow guidelines to increase your chances for success. If you're open to the possibility of a long-term relationship, take a step forward and find out more.

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Need additional help to build a strong relationship?
Leora also offers hourly consultation services. Relationship Consultation provides pragmatic, ‘on the ground’ advice. Whether you are in a relationship and are seeking feedback from a seasoned matchmaker and former attorney, or would benefit from practical advice about online dating, Leora is happy to support you.

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Love by Leora - exclusive matchmaking for baby boomers in the Baltimore / DC Metro areaOur clients have made a commitment to themselves and their future happiness.

They are able and ready to invest in finding a meaningful long-term relationship. Our clients understand that a relationship is a process, and are willing to be supported through that process by a relationship specialist who is guided by their best interests and long-term goals. READ MORE »

Catch Me a Catch Book

Read Leora’s Book!

Catch Me A Catch: Chronicles of a Modern-Day Matchmaker is a memoir about my own search for love and how it intersected with my matchmaking practice. It contains stories of my clients, my successes as well as my failures, and includes practical dating advice as well. It also includes my family history, past marriages and dating relationships, culminating in my present marriage. It is part biography, part matchmaking anecdotes, and part advice for singles looking for love. I am delighted to share my inspiring story, as well as the wisdom I have acquired in over thirty years of matchmaking. ORDER TODAY »


About Leora

Leora Kusher Hoffman is different from other matchmakers. She also provides unique feedback, advice, and more! Leora began her business, Love by Leora, LLC (LBL), a personal introduction/relationship service for single professionals, as a response to the tremendous need in the community for an effective, dignified and professional way for singles to meet. READ MORE »

My Story

I began my business in 1989, before the advent of the Internet, when options for singles were very limited. My instincts as a practicing attorney, along with my passion for getting people together, led me to explore the creation of a matchmaking business which could help singles find love, an endeavor that was close to my heart. At that time, I was married and was the mother of two young children. READ MORE »

Love By Leora



"Leora's instincts were right on target. The results were magnificent."

Kathy, age 30, Marketing Rep.


"Hi Leora, I just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to Kevin, we are doing well together. So well, I would like to request that you put my membership on hold as I would like to see where this relationship goes. You did an amazing job right from the beginning, I can not thank you enough!"

Carol, age 37, Business Owner


"Leora’s genuine passion in soul connections is a recipe for romantic success. The key ingredients she assesses for, compatibility, chemistry and communication, ignite and sustain a mutually fulfilling and deep relationship. Leora’s matchmaking magic helped me find the beat of my heart and love of my life. I am truly blessed and filled with eternal gratitude."

Lisa, age 43, Attorney


"She was 45 and I was 50. We met through Leora in 1991. The dating went on for several months. Eventually the dating became serious and we got engaged in 1992. I gave her the ring in the parking lot at Tysons Corner. Had it not been for Leora introducing us it would never have happened. Leora is the matchmaker extraordinaire! She has the knack of putting the right people together. Then they take it from there. The wedding took place on Valentines Day in 1993. It was a memorable day and here it is 2014 and we are still going strong, 21 years later. Twenty one cheers for Leora!!! Leora is the Best of the Best."

Steven, age 64, Sales Manager


"I believe that some people are brought into one’s life for a reason. Leora is one of these people. When we met I was divorced with a young child. Leora introduced me to Seth. He was cute, very smart and funny. We had so much in common. I kept thinking how did Leora know? At the end of the evening he kissed me and I think we both knew this was it. I realized that what made Leora different was that she really understood who we were. She knew what each of us wanted and most importantly, what we needed. By the seventh date we both knew that Leora was right. We are now married with two beautiful children. He is still cute, funny and brilliant. Most importantly, we are still madly in love.”

Debbie, age 57, Marketing Consultant


"I've been involved with other matchmakers over the years and what makes Leora stand out in my mind was her level of professionalism and communication. During my interactions with Leora, I found her to be very good at keeping in contact with me, giving me plenty of information about prospective matches and coordinating the dates. Believe it or not, but this isn't something I've seen from other area matchmakers, especially if you're either on a database or not a full paying client, which can give the impression that one is nothing more than a number. Leora has never treated me with anything other than the utmost respect."


"I was getting nowhere with Internet dating sites and being fixed up by family and friends. Fortunately, I found Leora. She did a fabulous job matching me with a very attractive woman who shares the same common interests and values. Leora takes her job quite seriously and goes the extra mile for her clients. She has terrific instincts and knows exactly what it takes to find you the right match. I met the woman of my dreams thanks to Leora. And so can you."


"Leora did a wonderful job matching me with men who share my interests and values. She has tremendous insight into what makes a relationship work and she did a fantastic job on my behalf. I recommend her to anyone who is tired of the dating sites and wants a personal touch in finding the man or woman of their dreams!"


"So thrilling to see the review from Brian B, my husband-to-be! Were it not for Leora's insight and diligence, we would never have met. Leora did such a great job tailoring what I desired in a true match. Her clients are given the means and support to FIND their perfect match. One thing I loved about retaining Leora's services is that she took the time to talk to me after each date to hear my experience and get feedback, and she was thoughtful and deliberate about whom I should meet next. Leora never gave up on my eventual success, and she never wasted my time. Dating is awkward and disheartening sometimes, but Leora's experience and integrity resulted in me finding my lifetime partner! I could not be happier that I chose her services; She truly has been instrumental in changing both Brian's and my life, and we are forever grateful!""


"The idea of using a service to meet someone was a little strange to me; Leora's approach changed my mind."

Gary, Age 46, Physician