Many of Leora’s members have chosen to engage in online dating while concurrently working with Leora as their matchmaker.

As such, Leora has developed extensive expertise in drafting profiles designed to attract a quality person among the multitudes of candidates online.

LHA offers hourly online coaching services, which include:

  • Profile drafting to maximize online opportunities;
  • Photography referrals to ensure that clients are using the best image possible to attract desirable potential prospects online;
  • Ongoing monitoring of online responses and support in researching potential candidates;
  • Feedback regarding online responses and assistance with drafting effective communication, designed to promote interest;

*Notwithstanding LHA’s online coaching services, Leora believes that it’s optimal to focus on one prospect at a time.  Therefore, her members receive one referral at a time.  Once she receives feedback from each person, she will recommend whether to continue spending time with that person, or move forward with a new referral.

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