Relationship Consultation

Hourly consultation services to those who can benefit from additional support in their dating lives. Leora is not a mental health professional and therefore does not provide psychological services, but rather pragmatic, ‘on the ground’ advice.

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Online Coaching

Many of Leora’s members have chosen to engage in online dating while concurrently working with Leora as their matchmaker. As such, Leora has developed extensive expertise in drafting profiles designed to attract a quality person among the multitudes of candidates online. LBL offers hourly online coaching services.

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Special Needs

As the mother of a son with autism, Leora understands just how challenging it is for those with special needs to find love. Leora has had experience representing those with special needs in their search for a safe and fun dating experience. Her staff includes a Ph.D/former occupational therapist to support this effort.

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