Our Members are:

  • Busy professionals who prefer qualified leads over investing time and energy with online dating;
  • Socially active singles with varied interests and other priorities than attending singles’ meet-ups or dances;
  • Parents who have done the ‘heavy lifting’ of raising a family and are now ready to focus on their own personal fulfillment;
  • Singles with high standards who prefer vetted leads through a professional, wanting to bring some balance into their lives with a loving relationship;

Our Members have made a commitment to themselves and their future happiness. They are:

  • Able and ready to invest in finding a meaningful long-term relationship;
  • Open to feedback from an objective professional about how others view them and experience them on a date;
  • Understand that a relationship is a process, and are willing to be supported through that process by a relationship specialist who is guided by their best interests and long-term goals;

Each client goes through an extensive, psychologically-based intake process which consists of exploring each person’s:

  • Leora Hoffman Associates - exclusive matchmaking for baby boomers in the Baltimore / DC Metro areafamily background and dynamics;
  • relationship history;
  • a detailed description of the person they’re seeking in their lives;

Members also complete a detailed questionnaire, which elicits information for screening purposes as well as a member’s lifestyle, religious and political orientation, social habits, hobbies, interests and preferences in a potential partner.