Catch Me a Catch Book

My book is a memoir about my own search for love and how it intersected with my matchmaking practice. It contains stories of my clients, my successes as well as my disappointments, and includes practical dating advice as well. It also includes my family history, past marriages and dating relationships, culminating in my present marriage. It is part biography, part matchmaking anecdotes, and part advice for singles looking for love.

I am delighted to share my inspiring story, as well as the wisdom I have acquired in over thirty years of matchmaking.

When it comes to searching for “The One,” seasoned matchmaker Leora Hoffman cautions against feverishly aspiring to Hollywood’s depiction of instant chemistry, courtship, and deep, abiding love.

In fact, she has witnessed some of the best, most fulfilling relationships work out after an initial period of uncertainty.

For more than 35 years, Hoffman’s sole intention has been to help others find love. Boundaries between her personal and professional life, however, made it seemingly more difficult for her to meet “The One.” In this heartfelt testimony, she shares not only her personal journey but also stories of clients she successfully matched, tried to match and coached along the way.

Hoffman’s comprehensive, sometimes counterintuitive, approach to matchmaking has led to some truly remarkable success stories. Discover how to break free from destructive relationship patterns as she reveals some very personal yet universal struggles all couples face when navigating life’s challenges and turns 21st-century dating on its head. Hoffman’s infectious bravado will have you laughing, crying and coming back for more.

“Hollywood’s depiction of instant chemistry, courtship, and deep, abiding love is a notion that pervades our culture. As a result, hopeless romantics fervently aspire to be swept away by love. But it doesn’t always happen that way. If I have learned anything, it is that the magic of love can emerge in a myriad of ways. In fact, some of the best, most fulfilling relationships start out quite differently.”

—Leora Hoffman, Author

About the Author

Leora Hoffman began her career as an attorney and has spent more than 35 years helping couples build and maintain loving relationships. A matchmaking expert within the DC/Baltimore area, she has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs and has been featured in Washingtonian magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Washington Jewish Week and The Baltimore Sun.

THIS IS PERSONAL: Rewinding a Life with Dan Simon

Back in Episode 8, Leora Hoffman made her first guest appearance. And we learned how Leora transformed her career from being a government lawyer into a matchmaker. In today’s episode, we discuss Leora’s new book, “Catch Me a Catch” which describes in fascinating and personal detail her own life, family and relationship challenges. And how her own life informed her abilities to create “love matches”. As she states in her book, “The romantic in me continues to put people together, to take a risk, and to learn from each interaction whether positive or negative. Every day, I count my blessings, cross my fingers, put one foot in front of the other and ask the universe to deliver.” There are many wise lessons to learn from today’s podcast whether you are in a loving relationship currently or seek to manifest a new love connection in your life. Enjoy today’s show. You can find Dan Simon via