Love by Leora LLC (LBL) was founded in 1989 as a personal introduction/ relationship service to assist single clients to find love in their lives.

She provides clients with: personally vetted referrals, individualized searches, extensive feedback, personal coaching, image consulting and much more. Hundreds of couples recommend Leora because of the success they have experienced with her help.

LBL is located in the Washington, DC area. Leora is an attorney, with a specialty in family law, as well as a relationship consultant. Born in Israel and raised in New York, Leora founded LBL in response to the tremendous need in the Washington, DC community for an effective, dignified and professional way for singles to meet.

Get to know Leora and her approach to matchmaking:

The Benefits Of Working With A Matchmaker

Regina DeMeo, a top family law attorney in Maryland and DC interviews Leora Hoffman, the author of “Catch Me a Catch” and a professional matchmaker for over 35 years. Leora shares tips for people looking to find love, and explains what to expect when working with a matchmaker.

Baltimore Matchmaker Leora Hoffman Interview

Since 1989 Leora has been providing extraordinary personalized matchmaking. Discretion is key, as she provides confidential assessments, in-depth feedback and on-going advocacy. Her referrals are not based on a quota, but “quality over quantity.” She helps people find each other.

“Many of my clients are newly divorced who don’t know how to date in this current climate. How can you blame them? Dating is completely different than it was 30, 40, 50 years ago. I help my clients overcome those paralyzing thoughts so they can fall in love and start their next chapter.”


Book Chat: Catch Me a Catch

Author Leora Hoffman, matchmaker by profession, discusses the book about her matchmaking stories. Interview by Patricia Dubroff of Assisted Hands Home Care in Bethesda, MD, (301) 363-2580, and Reston, VA, (703) 556-8983.


Matchmakers Keep Working During the Pandemic

Baltimore Jewish Times • July 29, 2020 • By Yakira Cohen

Leora Hoffman has been bringing people together for 31 years. So when the pandemic forced Jewish singles to isolate in their homes, the Jewish matchmaker had to rethink her business model.

“Love can flourish under many conditions, and the challenges of COVID do not necessarily have to impact the chance for romance negatively if people are motivated and they are consistent,” she said.  [..]

“Quite interestingly, this transition to video has not slowed down the pace at which people want to meet and my practice is going,” she said. “I believe that I have helped people connect during a time that many people are feeling isolated and need connection more than ever.”  […]

Hoffman believes dating during the pandemic is beneficial in eliminating many of the hassles that dating typically entails, such as the inconvenience of driving to a venue, the question of who pays and the decision to kiss or hug goodbye.

“All of those questions are off the table now, so it really forces people to just focus on each other, get to know them in a very slow and gradual way,” she said. “It’s safer, it’s more convenient and it takes away many of the uncertainties involved in dating.”  [article trimmed…]


Sage Advice

Dating While Gray • WAMU 88.5 – American University Radio • May 14, 2020

Sharing Words Of Wisdom On Love

Laura talks with writer Sophy Burnham, who offers romance insights based on her decades of personal experience. Then Laura gets relationship advice from Leora Hoffman, an attorney-turned-matchmaker who built her business while finding a partner for herself. Listeners phone in with their own advice about love before Laura speaks with marriage and family therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas. Her books “Calling In The One” and “Conscious Uncoupling” help people make romantic connections, or lovingly end them. Read a transcript.


Catch Me a Catch: Chronicles of a Matchmaker

THIS IS PERSONAL: Rewinding a Life with Dan Simon • March 9, 2020

Back in Episode 8, Leora Hoffman made her first guest appearance. And we learned how Leora transformed her career from being a government lawyer into a matchmaker. In today’s episode, we discuss Leora’s new book, “Catch Me a Catch” which describes in fascinating and personal detail her own life, family and relationship challenges. And how her own life informed her abilities to create “love matches”. As she states in her book, “The romantic in me continues to put people together, to take a risk, and to learn from each interaction whether positive or negative. Every day, I count my blessings, cross my fingers, put one foot in front of the other and ask the universe to deliver.” There are many wise lessons to learn from today’s podcast whether you are in a loving relationship currently or seek to manifest a new love connection in your life. Enjoy today’s show.

You can find more about Leora and her new book here.

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Making a Match: Leora’s journey from law to love

THIS IS PERSONAL: Rewinding a Life with Dan Simon • October 21, 2019

Leora found her true calling 35 years ago when she left a career in law to follow her calling to become a Matchmaker; dedicating herself to helping people find true love. A beautiful portrait of a person taking risks to follow her passion.

Leora was born in Israel as a child of holocaust survivors. She learned from her parents the true meaning of resilience and how to travel through life with courage and boldness. From early on she was an advocate for people. She began her career in law, working at the Philadelphia DA’s office in the domestic violence unit. But after the birth of her second child, she decided to leave her law career and become an exclusive Matchmaker long before the online world offered their version of how to find true love. Today her business is still thriving because of her ability to get to know her clients and offer matches based on intuition, analysis, and her own brand of magic.

In the conversation, you will learn much about Leora’s journey and much about how to manifest successful, happy relationships.


New online dating apps and sites cater to political leanings

Fox News – December 11, 2018

Online dating in the Trump era: Relationship experts say more folks are now pairing up based on political compatibility.


Fox On Tech: Young singles navigate online dating in the Trump era

Fox News • December 14, 2018

[…] “When I started almost 35 years ago I would inquire about politics like I would about any other factors that would go into making a match. What I’ve observed is what with the polarization that’s taking place politically, it’s now not a factor to be considered, but it’s almost a deal breaker for many people,” Leora Hoffman, a professional matchmaker based in the Washington, DC area, told Fox News. She also says she’s personally witnessed situations in which a couple has broken up over a lack of political compatibility, and it’s getting more common.  [article trimmed…]

So how does a young dater navigate the hyper-partisan atmosphere so romance can survive the political divide? Hoffman says she believes honesty is the best policy from the beginning, and recommends not shying away from the truth when it comes to your own political beliefs. “While somebody might say they’re in the middle of the road politically, they really have opinions, and it plays itself out on the first date,” she said. Hoffman also encourages singles in the dating pool to place a greater emphasis on things they have in common. “If they focus on what makes them feel connected with each other, rather than looking for the differences, in the beginning especially, they’re going to start on a healthier foundation,” she said. […]


Matchmaker Finds the Find, Catches the Catch

By Laura Stassi • September 16, 2017

Ever heard the expression “all of the good ones are taken”? It’s not true, according to professional matchmaker Leora Hoffman. But the good men, she warns, usually go fast.

“When a good man is back on the market, people look for matches for him left and right,” she said. “The neighbor, the co-worker, the sister – society, for some reason, wants to reach out and match a man, but the same doesn’t happen to women. It’s so unfair.”


With A Little Help From Her Friends, Matchmaker Found Love

By Laura Stassi • September 16, 2017

Leora Hoffman helps single people find lasting love. But the professional matchmaker was 10 years into her own marriage before finally admitting to herself she needed to end it.

“A matchmaker getting divorced — I thought it would kill my career,” she said.

It didn’t. Leora’s matchmaking business flourished and eventually so did her personal life, even though she decided she wouldn’t date anyone she worked with, nor work with anyone she dated. In 2013, Leora, then in her 50s, married Jim, a widower six years her senior, after they were set up by mutual friends who’d been trying for two years to get them together.

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Leora has also been featured in, among other media outlets:

  • The Washington Post
  • Bethesda Magazine
  • Baltimore Business Journal
  • Washington Jewish Week
  • The Montgomery Journal Weekly
  • Baltimore Jewish Times
  • DC JCC’s Center in the City
  • Washington Times
  • The Baltimore Sun
  • The Chevy Chase Gazette

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