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Leora welcomes participation in her network in one of two ways:

Depositphotos_31757575_originalACTIVE MEMBERSHIP

  • Extraordinarily personalized matchmaking, with an emphasis on the ‘Baby Boomer’ demographic;
  • Confidential assessment of past dating patterns & relationships;
  • Extensive, in-depth feedback after each referral in order to evaluate future prospects for success;
  • Ongoing advocacy from Leora, an attorney with 35 years of legal & business experience;
  • Access to carefully vetted (either by LBL or by affiliates with members’ consent), single/divorced/widowed professionals/entrepreneurs who are motivated to find a committed long term relationship.

Leora’s referrals are not based on a quota, but rather on her philosophy of ”quality over quantity.”

Leora offers different levels of membership which reflect the amount of time invested over the membership period, rather than on a quota of referrals. Members are provided with guidelines for the mechanics of the process, based on Leora’s decades of experience maximizing their probabilities for success.

Fee depends on level.

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Resource MembershipJOIN THE DATABASE

Members of LBL’s database, also known as Resource Members, enter into an agreement with Leora to abide by Resource Membership Guidelines. Individuals interested in becoming a Resource Member may complete the attached confidential application.

Leora will personally contact you to arrange a face to face meeting, during which Leora will learn about you, ask you to complete a brief questionnaire, and discuss available potential referrals among her active members.

While Leora is not actively working on behalf of Resource Members, she is grateful for their participation in her network and their willingness to meet potential prospects from LBL’s active membership, as recommended by Leora.

Nominal registration fee

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