As the mother of a son with autism, Leora understands just how challenging it is for those with special needs to find love.

Leora has had experience representing those with special needs in their search for a safe and fun dating experience.  Her staff includes a Ph.D/former occupational therapist to support this effort.  As such, Leora offers:

  • A confidential and comprehensive consultation with a potential member with special needs along with their family;
  • Access to a developing database of members with special needs who are open to exploring dating;
  • Executive recruitment for clients beyond Leora’s special needs database, based on the unique needs of each member, which includes the development of an Action Plan specific to each member listing the resources that Leora pursues on the member’s behalf.
Leora worked with my son, who is on the spectrum, to support him in finding a dating relationship. He had no prior dating experience. As a result of his work with Leora, he met a lovely young woman whom he dated several times.
My son was thrilled to have had this experience. His self esteem improved significantly and he is much more equipped to handle future dating challenges more easily.

-Debbie M, Potomac, MD

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