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couple-gardenMembers of LHA’s database, also known as Resource Members, enter into an agreement with Leora to abide by Resource Membership Guidelines.

Individuals interested in becoming a Resource Member may complete the attached confidential application and Leora will personally contact you to arrange a face to face meeting, during which Leora will learn about you, ask you to complete a brief questionnaire, and discuss available potential referrals among her active members.

While Leora is not actively working on behalf of Resource Members, she is grateful for their participation in her network and their willingness to meet potential prospects from LHA’s active membership, as recommended by Leora.

Resource Memberships have no expiration date and are valid until LHA receives written notification that they no longer wish to be considered as potential matches for LHA’s active members.

Resource Members may, at any time, upgrade to an active membership, whereby Leora would begin a new membership at the active level, working on their behalf, and making them the priority for quality referrals.

Nominal registration fee

Matchmaking | Join the Database