Leora Hoffman Associates LLC (LHA) was founded in 1989 as a personal introduction/ relationship service to assist single clients to find love in their lives.

She provides clients with: personally vetted referrals, individualized searches, extensive feedback, personal coaching, image consulting and much more. Hundreds of couples recommend Leora because of the success they have experienced with her help.

LHA is located in the Washington, DC area. Leora is an attorney, with a specialty in family law, as well as a relationship consultant. Born in Israel and raised in New York, Leora founded LHA in response to the tremendous need in the Washington, DC community for an effective, dignified and professional way for singles to meet.

Get to know Leora and her approach to matchmaking:

Matchmaker Finds the Find, Catches the Catch

September 16, 2017

Ever heard the expression “all of the good ones are taken”? It’s not true, according to professional matchmaker Leora Hoffman. But the good men, she warns, usually go fast.

“When a good man is back on the market, people look for matches for him left and right,” she said. “The neighbor, the co-worker, the sister – society, for some reason, wants to reach out and match a man, but the same doesn’t happen to women. It’s so unfair.”


With A Little Help From Her Friends, Matchmaker Found Love

September 16, 2017

Leora Hoffman helps single people find lasting love. But the professional matchmaker was 10 years into her own marriage before finally admitting to herself she needed to end it.

“A matchmaker getting divorced — I thought it would kill my career,” she said.

It didn’t. Leora’s matchmaking business flourished and eventually so did her personal life, even though she decided she wouldn’t date anyone she worked with, nor work with anyone she dated. In 2013, Leora, then in her 50s, married Jim, a widower six years her senior, after they were set up by mutual friends who’d been trying for two years to get them together.


Leora has also been featured in, among other media outlets:

• The Washington Post
• Bethesda Magazine
• Baltimore Business Journal
• Washington Jewish Week
• The Montgomery Journal Weekly
• Baltimore Jewish Times
• DC JCC’s Center in the City
• Washington Times
• The Baltimore Sun
• The Chevy Chase Gazette

Contact information for the media:

Call Leora: (301)537-5266
Email: leora@leorahoffman.com