Welcome and thank you for joining our Membership!

As a Member, you can expect to receive referrals to quality singles in your area who have been selected for you based on LBL’s extensive intake process.

Our goal is to serve your needs as effectively as possible. In order to achieve this, we require the commitment and cooperation of all our members. We therefore ask that you review the following membership guidelines in order to get you off to a smooth start:

  1. LBL will arrange your first date with each referral in a mutually convenient and agreeable venue, so that members are free to focus on getting to know each other in a comfortable and appealing setting. LBL will provide each person with contact information, consisting of a first name and phone number, so that parties can confirm the arrangements prior to their date. Email addresses remain confidential until either party is comfortable providing that information to the person they met.
  2. We ask each party to an introduction to think in terms of meeting the other person at least twice. Our experience has shown that this approach makes the first meeting less stressful, and often yields unexpected results.
  3. Members are advised to avoid texting as a means of communication before meeting, except to facilitate the logistics of the meeting. Conversation is always preferable to written communication at this phase.
  4. Tell us how it went! It’s important that you give Leora specific feedback about your experience. Contact us the next day, while your memories are still fresh, or as soon as you realistically can. This allows Leora to process the date with you, to see if it’s a good idea to see the person again.
  5. Members are encouraged to communicate openly and regularly with Leora, in order for her to best understand how to meet your personal goals. Remember, members whose expectations are realistic and whose minds are open to new possibilities, are most likely to be successful!