As a Resource Member, you can expect to receive referrals to quality singles in your area who have been selected for you based on our conversations.

We want you to get the most out of your membership, so we have devised some ground rules for all our members. These have been developed and tested by dozens of LBL members, and we are confident that following them will make your experience more successful:

  1. When you receive a referral from us, please contact your referral as promptly as possible. Remember, this person is waiting to hear from you! Introduce yourself within 1-3 days of receiving the person’s contact information.
  2. Be prepared to meet more than once. Our experience shows that this approach makes the first meeting less stressful, and often yields unexpected positive results. After that first meeting, be sure to tell Leora how it went (see#6 below), so we can decide whether a second meeting makes sense.
  3. For that first meeting, we recommend that the two of you meet on neutral ground, so that both of you feel comfortable. We also recommend that you refrain from extensive email or text “conversations” in advance of meeting face-to-face. Conversation is always better than written communication.
  4. We recommend against meeting for lunch during a business day.  Lunch meetings on a work day create time pressure and tend to become “interview lunches” which are not conducive to experiencing romantic chemistry on a first date.
  5. We ask our Resource Members to consider how they can take the lead and maximize their chances for success. When you set your first meeting, pick an attractive venue for drinks/appetizers or a meal – one that will put your referral at ease, and allow you to converse comfortably. Let this first meeting be your treat.
  6. Tell us how it went! It’s important that you give Leora specific feedback about your experience. Contact us the next day, while your memories are still fresh, or as soon as you realistically can. This allows you to share your experiences with Leora, to discuss what went “right” or “wrong”, and whether it’s a good idea to spend more time with the person you met.
  7. Members are encouraged to communicate openly and regularly with Leora, in order for her to best understand how to meet your personal goals. Remember, members whose expectations are realistic and whose minds are open to new possibilities, are most likely to be successful!